Draftwise Design & Drafting offers a wide range of services including and not limited
to design and drafting as well as planning to homeowners, developers and builders
throughout Melbourne and country Victoria. Whether you need professional drawings
to comply with regulations or just concept plans to see what you can fit on your land
we are more then happy to accommodate your needs. We are also able to co-
ordinate and or liaise with other consultants that may need to be involved in your
project to work together to achieve the best outcome for your project. We pride
ourselves on providing a service tailored to suit your needs.

Residential Plans

We offer affordable residential designs and drawings for everything from new homes,
renovations, and extensions to pergolas, pools and granny flats. We work closely
with our clients to ensure that the construction drawings are neat, functional, and
council- and regulation-compliant.

Commercial Plans

Draftwise Design & Drafting serves the commercial construction sector as well,
offering comprehensive drafting services for everything from multi-unit developments
to municipal buildings, retirement villages, factories, office complexes, medical
centers and warehouses.

Town Planning

Town planning requires satisfying not only the builder but the local council. We take
this important task seriously and work diligently to provide you with professional town
planning drawings that clearly illustrate your concept and satisfy the council’s
requirements. Draftwise Design & Drafting plays an integral role throughout the town
planning process and can help with everything from drafting concepts, and final
construction drawings to coordinating consultants such as structural, civil, and
geotechnical engineers. We are also happy to work in with a private planning
consultant to assist with the planning process to achieve the best outcome for your

Related Services

We are happy to liaise and co-ordinate with other consultants that you require for
your project ensuring that everything you need is readily available including:

  • Building permits
  • Soil reports
  • Site surveys
  • Council report and consent
  • Land re-establishment and feature surveys
  • Structural engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Property information
  • Landscape plans
  • 3D drawings